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After the end of the second world war a sports apparel company named Toper was first established in 1945. The first spinning mill opened its doors and began producing nylon shirts, which were soon introduced to the market under the name "Golden crown".

Due to the high demand for products the spinning mill was soon joined by a sewing room, their selection of products started to gain recognition for its excellent quality, which has attracted cooperation from major sports brands of that period, such as Bogner, Uhlsport and Elho Brunner.

Due to a fair and reliable approach to the operations of the company it grew significantly by the year 1980. At that time the company employed 6,500 ambitious and competent people from Austria and the former Yugoslavia. Such a large increase in business horizons and capabilities was the result of management's attitude towards the perception of sports and athletes as one.

Despite this Toper’s path of success soon suffered from political consequences of Slovenian independence, which resulted in the loss of former Yugoslavian markets. Unprepared for the radical change the company was forced into closure.

Ponovno rojstvo


Fortunately, Toper remained entrenched in the minds of sports fans. Because of this the company was able to flourish once again in subsequent years. It kept its distinctive colorful design and undisputed quality. Today, our modern assortment of products consists of materials of superior quality, ...

... both in the spring-summer (super soft blend of cotton 92% and spandex 8%) as well as the autumn-winter collection (Dermizax & LAKA 4-way stretch). Although we are especially proud of our functional advanced ski equipment and extremely comfortable tracksuits, we do not let it slow us down in new product development, from functional winter underwear, knit caps and headbands, softshell jackets and all the way to jogging and beachwear.



The seventh year of existence of the new, modern Toper is coming. The wish for our own production and development plant came true in 2017, when we opened the first open production facility in Slovenia and a brand new (nature and Alps-style) store in the birthplace of Toper in Celje’s Main Square.

We simply wanted to be the first to introduce the whole process of making a garment and to open up to our customers, who will find us a reliable partner for their whole life.

In addition to our existing customers, we have managed to attract many new buyers with small series and orders. Now we can smoothly develop and supply smaller batches. Smaller series are our future, as the market dictates. We have become more adept at exactly what a customer’s problem is and what we can offer them. Because the good word spreads around faster than any advertisement, our team is professionally trained. Customer care is always our first priority.

We have taken a step further and redesigned the logo, which is now more modern and satisfies the younger generation of customers.

In 2020, our new website and our configurator will come to life, where our customers will be able to order products of their own creation and sizes that will be tailored exactly to them. Our customers and research have shown us that the market lacks one-on-one production of sportswear, especially for out of series measurements. In doing so, we would like to achieve the motivation of the whole family to be able to dress equally in quality clothing at a fair price.



The long-term goal is to become number 1 in the Balkans and to be present in other countries as well. This does not necessarily mean opening physical stores but working primarily around the World Wide Web.

However, the short-term goal is clearly targeted at each customer. It means a professional attitude towards them and a 100% satisfaction guarantee and assistance in any case.

We look forward to every moment and every visit of our customers, so we enjoy developing, manufacturing and selling every day.

Thank you!
Team Toper

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